Impact And Success

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Impact And Success

Here at SmartMove we use what is known as the Outcome Star Measurement System which is widely used across both European and North American organisations who provide preventative support. In simple terms we measure a client’s journey from being introduced to our service to departure. The areas of measurement are all aimed at improving client’s life styles.

The areas that we collectively measure with our clients
are improvement / deterioration in:  

• Motivations and taking responsibility
• Self-care and living skills
• Managing money and personal administration
• Social Networks and relationships
• Drug and alcohol misuse
• Physical Health
• Emotional and mental health
• Meaningful use of time
• Managing tenancy and accommodation
• Offending

During 2017 we can positively report that SmartMove clients exceeded national averages in every one of the ten areas. This fact alone demonstrates that the vast majority of clients supported are returned from the margins of society back to independence. This is a fantastic achievement which shows that should vulnerable people receive the correct support and be given educational opportunities they have every chance of sustaining a tenancy over the long term.

The impact that the above has had is reflected in the fact that in 2017, 93% of clients supported were still in accommodation twelve months later.