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Governance & Documents

Our organisation is led by our Chief Executive who reports to a Board of Trustees headed by our Chair and under our constitution we have an appointed Treasurer. We have an experienced and diverse Board who have expertise in all areas of our work which include housing, education, finance, marketing and branding.

We ensure that we are a client-led organisation by always having an ex-client on our Board so we keep close to the realities that many of our clients face.

Mission Statement

“To Inspire Local Disadvantaged People on their Journey to Independence by Providing Housing Support and Education Tailored to Their Specific Needs”.

Our Core Values
1. To deliver a high quality customer focussed service.
2. To value and respect the rights and views of all stakeholders.
3. To ensure equal opportunities are key to all our activities.
4. To act with tolerance, integrity and consideration at all times.
5. To encourage innovation and creativity within the organisation.

A copy of the latest Annual Accounts can be found here (Pdf document)

A copy of our latest Annual Report Document can be found here (PDF document)

Financial History and previous Annual Reports can be found at the Charity Commission website here:

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